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22nd September, 2016 – Loch Awe
Yeeha! 3rd time lucky. The boy did NOT get lost!
My 5th Loch Awe, and 3rd time solo, and this was my first solo without getting lost!
I started the paddle just before 9am, in a real “pea-souperâ€. I could only just make out the shore of the loch, so long as I was close enough to touch it. After 30 minutes, and probably only a couple of Ks, I decided to take a 30 minute break to see if the sun would burn the mist ff. It didn’t.
I then did another 20 minute paddle, and still no change. Just about ready to throw the...Read more here...

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  • October 15th - Dean and guide Allistair Swinsco will be participating in the Great Glen Paddle Challenge.  A 90+km non-stop SUP from Fort William to Inverness.

  • September 23rd - Check out Dean's latest Stand Up Paddle-board adventures on the SUP Blog.

  • September 17th - Dean and Rhona were back for another year at the Lamlash Splash 1.3 mile sea swim.

  • August 27th - Dean and Allistair became the first people SUP the 36 miles around the Isle of Bute.  Article to follow soon.

  • August 8th-14th - Dean, Allistair and Ian took on The Magnificent 7 - Scotland's 7 longest freshwater lochs in 7 consecutive days.  See how it went HERE.

  • July 16th/17th - Dean, Allistair Swinsco, and Ian Cormack became the first people to ever SUP the longest lakes of Scotland, (Awe), England, (Windermere), and Wales, (Bala).  CLICK HERE.  

  • May 12th-15th - Dean, Ian Cormack, and Allistair Swinsco became the first people to stand up paddleboard the full 150km of the Argyll Sea Kayak Trail.  CLICK HERE

  • April 6th - Read the SUPMag article on Dean's Loch Awe adventure on hte Media Page.

  • March 11th-13th - Our first "SUP it and See" film was shown at this years' Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

  • January 23rd - Dean spoke at the Adventure Travel Show in London.

  • January 21st - Dean spoke at the Buxton Adventure Festival.

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