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The Extreme Dreams website was launched in 2002, (3 - 4 years before the BBC's TV series of the same name was made), and is based around the adventures of registered blind extreme sports enthusiast, adventurer, and occasional public speaker, Dean (Deano) Dunbar.
The adventures and extreme sports featured on the left hand side are not a random list, but have all been done by Deano, (The Blind Man), and some have included world firsts.
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Extreme Dreams is continually growing as we try more extreme sports and take up new challenges.

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The first person in the world to:

The first registered blind person in the world to:
  • September 19th - For his 3rd year running, Deano will be participating in the 1.3 mile sea swim known as the Lamlash Splash, with Eddie "the socks" Riach as his guide swimmer.

  • June 24th - Deano became the first registered blind person to SUP across the Celtic Crossing from the Scilly Isles to Cornwall.  He and his main guide, Carl Sawyer, also became the first people to do the crossig on inflatable SUPs.  Write up to follow soon.

  • June 24th - Check out Deano's latest Stand Up Paddle-board adventures on the SUP Blog.  

  •  June 20th - Deano, (and guide Jamie from Red Paddle), SUPed the 10.5 mile race at the Windermere Canoe Kayak Annual Summer Solstice.  Read about it on the SUP Blog.

  • May 30th - Cathy Winterton and Deano SUPed their way around the wonderful wee, (20km), island of Kerrera.  It may be a wonderful wee island, but it was a tough old trip!!  CLICK HERE to read about it.

  • April 23rd - Deano had his first go at flyboarding, with Flyboard-Mallorca. It looks like Deano has become the world's first registered blind flybaorder.  Read more HERE.

  • March - SUP Magazine published another story about Deano's SUP adventures.  See MEDIA page.

  • February 20th - Deano spoke about his recent SUP adventures at the Fort William Mountain Festival.

  • 2015 is proving to be another very busy year for Deano. All events will be added to this page, as dates are confirmed. So keep checking back to see what's happening.


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The Road to KL | Prime & Fire Selects

A film by Dave Robson in partnership with Prime & Fire Selects, Talenthouse and BFI Future Film. 

A one-off documentary exploring the world of base-jumping and its community of jumpers. To the average individual, the idea of jumping off the top of a tower seems ridiculous, however base-jumping’s appeal has increased so much globally over the last few years with the aid of the internet. This short film is focused on 24 year old base-jumper Sam Hardy, as he prepares himself for the KL Tower International Jumping event, the biggest base-jumping event in the world located in Malaysia. 

With more than 200 lives claimed, this extreme sport is a sport where participants are constantly reminded of the dangers they face but Sam doesn’t allow the morbid nature of the sport to discourage him, instead he prefers to use the mistakes of his peers as lessons to ensure he continues to live his dream for as long as possible. The documentary will reveal the true costs of being committed to this sport. The financial and social hardships that only participants can truly understand, ‘The Road To KL’ sheds light on the sacrifices that come hand-in-hand with base jumping. A combination of observational documentary filming and action camera footage gives you the experience to ride with the jumpers as they put their lives on the line in the hopes of living out their dreams.

Prime & Fire Selects, in association with Factory Media, is an annual film competition giving up-and-coming filmmakers the funds and support to create short human-interest documentaries within the realms of action sports.


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