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The Extreme Dreams website was launched in 2002, (3 - 4 years before the BBC's TV series of the same name was made), and is based around the adventures of registered blind extreme sports enthusiast, adventurer, and occasional public speaker, Dean (Deano) Dunbar.
The adventures and extreme sports featured on the left hand side are not a random list, but have all been done by Deano, (The Blind Man), and some have included world firsts.
Please note, Extreme Dreams does not offer any activities, but a link to the company we used can be found at the bottom of most activity pages.
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Extreme Dreams is continually growing as we try more extreme sports and take up new challenges.

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The first person in the world to:

The first registered blind person in the world to:
  • On July 20th Deano became the first registered blind person to SUP the full length of Loch Tay, and he did it unguided.  To read about it CLICK HERE.

  • It looks like Deano has secured a place in a wee swim he has been wanting to do for several years.  More information will come forth shortly.

  • 2014 and 15 will be the years of the SUP - Stand Up Paddle-board for Deano. He has teamed up with his old friend Carl Sawyer and the Wilderness SUP guys for several exciting challenges! Read the latest on the SUP Blog. - last updated 26th July 

  • January 12th - Deano and Ueli Kestenholz set a world first in the extreme sport of speeed riding. To find out more click HERE.

  • Still to come in 2014 - Deano will re-visit one of his swims from 2013 as well as taking on a new swim that he has wanted to do for several years. These and other events will be added to this page, as dates are confirmed. So keep checking back to see what's happening.


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 First registered blind SUP, (Stand Up Paddle-board), of Loch Tay, Scotland - 20/07/14

Deano becomes the first registered blind Stand Up Paddle-boarder to paddle the full length of Loch Tay in Scotland, unguided.  Is he really Blind & Stupid?  Find out HERE.


Participating in any extreme or adventure sport is potentially dangerous. All activities are undertaken at your own risk - extremedreams.co.uk accepts no responsibility for accidents or injury caused by or resulting from participation in the sports covered on this site.

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